After the Galloping Snail at Winslow Garage, LA, 2017

Phoney Painting, was a portable art practice in which I used a smartphone as a tool for drawing. While moving through my day, slices of the environment would catch my eye, often in abstract ways. I would snap a picture, and subsequently digitally draw and edit on the picture in a riffing dialogue with elements from my surroundings which had intrigued me.
Posted to instagram between 2014 until 2016, @phoneypntng became a flowing feed of visual thinking reflecting place and presence.
Later the images were presented in small books, and in a two channel digital slideshow at Winslow Garage in Los Angeles under the title After the Galloping Snail (2017). To my understanding the project resonated with an essay by Hélène Cixous, “Without end, no, State of drawingness, no, rather: The Executioners’s taking off,” which places a state called drawingness in contrast to a notion of arrival.
The title is a reference this line from Cixous’ essay: “At a gallop, the snail! We scribble while crawling in the wake of God.”

Super Bloom (2015) 

Drawing with landscape. Site: Death Valley (book made from photographs of drawing activities)