No 37 for Solo Piano / Red hands
score by Roozbeh Nafisi
played by Ivailo Zlatev
video by Sarah Granett
camera by Doris Lang


Roozbeh Nafisi, Music;
Sarah Granett, Video;
Doris Lang, Grip.



Roozbeh Nafisi: composition

Max Brand Ensemble, conducted by Christoph Cech

Maias Alyamani: violin
Simon Frick: violin
Martina Engel: viola
Arne Kircher: cello
Peter Herbert: contrabass

with guest soloist
Anna Hauf: vocals
Orwa Saleh: oud
Bachar Khalife: percussion

Recorded live by ORF on July 25, 2013 at the Viktring Castle

video by Sarah Granett


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July 2012-2014, Tophane Istanbul


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